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7 Things We Know For Sure About Homeschooling

Topic: 7 Things We Know For Sure About Homeschooling

Dr. James Pennebaker

Topic: Unleashing the Power of Expressive Writing, with Dr. James Pennebaker

Dede Lyons

Topic: Journal to Connect with Your Guardian Angels, with Dede Lyons

Sara Caputo

Topic: Journal to Manifest Your Goals, with Sara Caputo

Lucia Capacchione, PhD

Topic: Journaling to the Rescue, with Lucia Capacchione, PhD

Marni Amsellem, Ph.D.

Topic: Journaling to Create Calm, with Marni Amsellem,Ph.D.

Sandra Marinella

Topic: The Story You Need to Tell, with Sandra Marinella

Jackee Holder

Topic: Walking and Writing Among the Trees, with Jackee Holder

Topic: Enlightenment and Adventure on the Camino de Santiago

Dr. Lori Ann Roth

Topic: Experience the Magic of Vision Boards, with Dr. Lori Ann Roth

Lauren Hooper

Topic: How to Get Started Travel Journaling, with Lauren Hooper

Sheva Carr

Topic: Six Ways to Use Journaling to Access Heart Intelligence, with Sheva Carr

Michale Hartte

Topic: How Journaling Can Help You Get in Shape, with Michale Hartte

Merle Saferstein

Topic: Discover Legacy Journaling, with Merle Saferstein

Brenda Hudson

Topic: Capture Your Family Stories in 15 Minutes or Less, with Brenda Hudson

Christina Baldwin

Topic: Breathing in Full Sentences: Journal Writing as a Spiritual Practice, with Christina Baldwin

Randy Taran

Founder of Project Happiness

Topic: Embrace ALL Your Feelings to Create a Life You Love, with Randy Taran

Mari L. McCarthy

Author & Chief Empowerment Officer of CreateWriteNow.com

Topic: Heal Yourself Using Journaling Power, with Mari L. McCarthy

Caylee Grey

Topic: Fun Ways to Combine Art and Journaling, with Caylee Grey

Maud Purcell


Topic: Journaling: Relief for Anxiety and Depression, with Maud Purcell

Shelby Abrahamsen

Founder of Little Coffee Fox

Topic: Journal to Increase Your Productivity and Creativity, with Shelby Abrahamsen

Ryder Carroll

Founder of The Bullet Journal Method

Topic: Ideas and Insights from the Creator of the Bullet Journal, with Ryder Carroll

Nancy Scherlong

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Topic: Five Ways Journaling Boosts Happiness & Well-Being, with Nancy Scherlong

Mo Seetubtim

Founder & CEO of "The Happiness Planner"

Topic: Three Ways Journal Planners Cultivate Happiness, with Mo Seetubtim

Maud Purcell


Topic: Journaling Tips for People Who Don’t Like to Write, with Maud Purcell

Lynda Monk

Journal Coaching Expert

Topic: Six Ways to Keep Journal Writing Fresh, with Lynda Monk

Leia Francisco

Faculty member of the Therapeutic Writing Institute

Topic: Write Your Way Through Challenging Life Transitions, with Leia Francisco

Kathleen Adams

Psychotherapist and founder of the Center for Journal Therapy

Topic: Journal Therapy: An Innovative Tool for Self-Discovery, with Kathleen Adams

Dr. James Pennebaker

Topic: Expressive Writing: A Tool for Transformation, with Dr. James Pennebaker, Ph.D.

Deborah Ross

Co-author of "Your Brain on Ink"

Topic: Journaling: Your Brain on Ink, with Deborah Ross

Dr. Dan Siegel

Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at the UCLA School of Medicine

Topic: Discover Journaling’s Positive Effects on the Brain, with Dr. Dan Siegel

Carolyn Koehnline

Certified Journal Therapist

Topic: Clearing Clutter as a Sacred Act, with Carolyn Koehnline

Beth Jacobs

Topic: Weave Mindfulness into Your Journaling Practice, with Beth Jacobs

Amy Maricle

Founder of Mindful Art Studio

Topic: Five Fabulous Tips for Art Journaling, with Amy Maricle